5 Practical Uses for Polly Plastics in the Kitchen

January 15, 2018 Cory Sursely

Thomas Hanna, plastic molding extraordinaire, has created five practical uses for Polly Plastics in the kitchen.  In his video, he shows how he molds the plastic to be used in kitchen hacks.

1. Upside Down Bottle Nest - take the top of a popular product you use and mold a stable base onto it, so it can rest sturdily upside down in your fridge.  You'll get every last drop of barbecue sauce or ketchup.  Save the top for future use of that brand. 

2. Entertain Your Kids while Cooking - If you have kids to entertain while you're in the kitchen, add a super duty magnet to a toy basketball hoop.  Then stick it on the fridge at a level the kids can reach.  Play while you're waiting for dinner to cook.

3. Cookbook Page Holder - Hold your cookbook open with an inexpensive chip clip and use moldable plastic to add a hook.  The open cookbook can be hung from your microwave or a cupboard.  Or add feet to the clip ends, so it can sit on the counter top.

4. Magnetic Hook - Make a hook from the moldable plastic and enclose a powerful magnet, so it can stick to your fridge and hold potholders, utensils or a towel.

5. Mason Jar Characters - Thomas uses mason jar tops to add creative characters and differentiate the jars and look interesting on his counter, plus it's fun for the kids.

See how Thomas creates each of these items in his youtube video:

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