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How to Make Broken Glass Look Like Sea Glass

How to Make Broken Glass Look Like Sea Glass
How to Make Broken Glass Look Like Sea GlassJewelry makers can use broken glass (or glass beads) along with Polly Plastics Rock Tumbler Grit Kit and Filler System to create an impressive sea glass looking piece.  Below one of our customers explains the steps to get the end result shown in the featured photo:
Step 1 - Place pieces of similar size and type broken glass from wine bottles, olive oil bottles, etc. or glass beads that you find in a craft store (vase fillers) in your tumbler.  Follow instructions on your tumbler.
Step 2 -  Used two tablespoons of Polly Plastics Rock Tumbling Grit Step One - Coarse by adding it to the glass in the tumbler (Follow Instruction Sheet)
Step 3 - Cover the glass and grit with water. (Follow instruction sheet)
Step 4 - Can add Rock Tumbling pellets to fill space in the tumbler. (Follow instruction sheet)
Step 5 -  Place the tumbler on the machine. I let mine tumble for two days.
Step 6- Final results: using the glass beads is convenient but using broken bottles gives some unique shapes. Both turned out really nice.
*Note: there are 4 steps in our Grit Kit to get rocks nice and shiny.  Using steps 2-4 would shine and make the glass look like rounded clear glass again, this customer used only Step One to get the cloudier sea glass effect. 

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