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Large Ceramic Rock Tumbling Media. 2 pack – 3 lbs. total

$ 29.95
  • PREMIUM CERAMIC - 3 Lbs. Non-Abrasive Ceramic Large Tumbler Media. 3/8” dia. X 5/8” long, angle cut cylinders.  Two - 1.5 lb. jars.
  • PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS STONES - Perfect for protecting stones or filling while rock tumbling. Cushions, quiets and improves tumbling action.  Recommended over plastic media for vibratory tumblers.
  • WASH AND RE-USE - No need to keep separate for each stage – rinse and use the same batch through all the tumbling stages. Non-toxic, non-static and non-residue cylinders are dryable and easy to reuse.
  • QUALITY PACKAGING - Packaged in re-usable jars to prevent messy spills and to safely store unused cylinders for later.
  • NO RISK - Free shipping and 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.


Protect and Cushion Your Stones while Tumbling 

Two-1.5 lb. jars of our non-abrasive large ceramic tumbler media is perfect for protecting and cushioning fragile stones while tumbling.  Also, use to fill your barrel to the recommended level, carry grit & polish, improve tumbling action and quiet the tumbling process.  Recommended over plastic filler media for vibratory tumblers.  These packages contain 3/8” dia. X 5/8” long, angle cut cylinders.

Easy to Use

Since our ceramic rinses clean of grit, you can use the same batch of ceramic through all the stages.  Just rinse off between stages, along with the rocks.  Two of these large 1.5 lb. allows plenty of cylinders for multiple tumbler loads.

Do not use fresh cylinders when polish tumbling in Stages 3 and 4.  Run the cylinders in the tumbler with coarser grit for a day or so to smooth off the edges.  Preferably, use the fresh cylinders as fill for Stages 1 & 2 so they will have lost their edges by Stage 3.


Quality Product in Premium Packaging

 We use re-usable jars that won’t break and cause a mess.  If you have extra cylinders – just store and use them for a later project.


Here's a Review from a Customer

“I used these over and over again in all grits. I did one load without them and I could tell the difference. They definitely help smooth the rocks.” – B.N.H.

Start tumbling! Order your Polly Plastics Large Non-Abrasive Cylinder Ceramic Tumbling Media – 2 Pack today. Free shipping.  And your satisfaction is our top priority so we offer a money back guarantee on all our products, no questions asked.