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Black Color Pellets for Moldable Plastic

$ 12.95
  • ADD COLOR TO YOUR CREATION – Add a few color pellets to our moldable plastic pellets with hot water (>150F) and knead together for bright, brilliant black color, without any mess.
  • LARGE QUANTITY – 50 grams (1.75 oz.) of black color. 5X the amount of black that’s in our regular multi-color pack.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Our colorants are made in the USA.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED –100% satisfaction guaranteed on all our products. Instructions included.

You Asked for More Black – Here it is!
If you are only interested in making black parts, this product is for you. Our packet contains 5 times the amount of black present in our multi-color pack.
Easy, NO MESS way to add color to our moldable plastic
Polly Plastics Black Color Pellets are perfect for easily adding color to Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic (sold separately). Just drop a few pellets into hot water above 150 F along with the Moldable Plastic pellets. Once the moldable plastic turns clear in 2-3 minutes, remove the pellets and knead them together until the color is evenly distributed.
Only Buy Colorant from the USA
Polly Plastics colorants are made in the USA.
Here’s a Review from Atticus
“Truly incredible. Nearly two cups of Polly Plastic pellets turned black with less than 10 black color pellets - I was truly surprised at how well the whole line of Polly Plastics worked. The two projects I intended to create turned into dozens very quickly. Couldn't recommend strong enough.” – Atticus Stevenson
 Stop imagining and start building! Order your Polly Plastics Black Color Pellets for Moldable Plastic today. Free shipping.  And your satisfaction is our top priority so we offer a money back guarantee on all our products, no questions asked.