Molding Materials

MAKE YOUR OWN MOLDS THE EASY WAY – Simply knead equal parts of A and B together to form strong, flexible, reusable molds with excellent details. No liquids to mix together, no release agents required, no mold boxes or other equipment required.
MAKE YOUR OWN REUSABLE MOLDS THE FAST WAY – Mixed putty sets up in 4 minutes and you can de-mold in only 30 minutes. High heat range up to 450 F.
TONS OF USES – Ideal for small molds for small impression molding, soap molds, candle molds, jewelry making and repair, antique furniture repair and other small object casting.
CAST MANY TYPES OF MATERIALS – Moldable plastics, waxes, clays, urethane and epoxy resins, plaster and even some low melt metals.
NON-TOXIC & ODOR FREE – Safe to use. 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.