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About Us

Thanks for taking the time to explore Polly Plastics.  We specialize in moldable plastics and rock tumbling supplies.  Our customers include hobbyists, crafters, cosplayers, fixer-uppers, makers or anyone who wants to try stuff.
Polly Plastics is a small family owned business that we started in 2015 and is now part of Delta Commerce Limited.  All of our products are packaged here in Michigan and all our bulk product is purchased from USA vendors. 
As our name suggests, we started with just plastics and have been expanding as we discover more products we can offer.  We’re proud of what we do and our products, making sure they are of the highest quality.
When we sell a product, we want it to be the best out there - whether that means more sizes, more colors or new products you can't find elsewhere.  Let us know if you think there's a product missing that will help you out.
For questions, suggestions or to share what you're up to, use our contact form or find us on Facebook.
Brian from Polly Plastics


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