Moldable Plastic Product Reviews

Moldable Plastic Product Reviews

“Perfect, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the great service!” - Russell Walgamott

“Prompt shipping, and the product works great! Not much else to say. We have a hot water tap on our sink, and use that to heat the beads up, haven't paid attention to the "ideal" temp, and it's worked great so far. Very much enjoy the time spent making a few small projects with my daughter, and will be ordering more.”  - TKon

“They were simple to use, had good instructions and exceeded my expectations.” – Barbara

“Amazing product, great quality and a great price.  Couldn't be happier with my purchase!” – Meg M.

“Works great!” – Carl Barnum

“I was playing with it as soon as it came in! I originally bought it to make antlers for my Halloween costume but I already know I'll be making more very soon.” - Pan

“The moldable plastic pellets work exceptionally well. They are very easy to heat up; they cool down rock hard, and can be re-heated to continue working with. The pellets are very useful for projects around the house and for art projects (figurines etc.). If you are looking for something that is useful for sculpting and house projects, and is easy to use, I highly recommend this product.” - Logan

“SO, one of my passions is art. I wanted something that could take my art to the next level. That's what Polly Plastic did for me. I'm having such a fun time making random sculptures and phone stands, No one can stop me. Buy it, you will love it.” - Danyelle

“Great buy!”  – Pip Simon

“I originally bought this to try and be crafty. But I have used it for so many things around the house.  Used it to level the refrigerator. ..filled a shell with it so I could use  it as a door stopper.  I am just so happy I bought it.  I just run the water through the coffee maker and pour it on the beads.  Shape and mold it. Love it!” – Kelly Polisson

“A versatile product.  It can be re-used.  The pellet for softens easily in hot water.  A piece which has been molded into a shape will soften in hot water, but it takes longer.  I had no problem molding the warm moldable plastic with my hands.”  – A. Kocher

“This is my first experience using moldable plastic pellets and this stuff is awesome!  It is very easy to work with and doesn't harden too fast if you know what you want to create.  I tried molding it with a 3D printed mold made of PLA and realized something worth noting: if you intend to create a plastic mold for this, make sure to use a mold release agent, in my case, olive oil based cooking spray.  The plastic bonded together without it, as expected.  I'm glad I purchased Polly Plastics.” – Striker

“This product has no limits. You can develop any idea that you think of with these moldable plastic pellets. It is fast and super easy to use. Just heat it up and get molding away! Some ideas that I have came up with is using cookie cutter sheets as a mold and making holiday figures for decorations. My most recent project was making coin dispensers for my family. I also made hard to find parts that I needed to fix things out in my garage. I especially like this company because they have the lowest price and are extremely fast at filling an order and shipping.” - Zak

“Wonderful material to work with, easy to use and a lot of value for the price.” – Brenda Standridge

“This stuff is awesome.  Super versatile and strong.“ - Em

“Great product.  Make virtually anything you have the skill to make.” – Ivan K Farnworth

“Really easy to use, and works great! No matter how many times I've reheated the same amount, it keeps working exactly as before. I think this will serve perfectly for my cosplay projects.” – Az

“Love, love, LOVE this! I had it for less than 24 hours and I had already made props for my Halloween costume, fixed a broken hair clip I had, and began molding a masquerade mask for a friend of mine. It literally has sooo many uses, plus the tub of polymorph is HUGE, so more than likely you will not be running out any time in the near future.  A++, best bang for the buck, most product/dollar.” – Samantha

“I was really surprised how easy it was to use and how quickly it came in! Love it!” - Christine

“Excellent for small repairs.  Many uses.” - Zak

“Very strong and flexible. Surprisingly easy to use. Why don't more people know about this?!” – Lee Edwin Walton

 “This is wonderful, practical, FUN stuff!! I wish I knew about it years ago. I have used it for repairs and the grandchildren have a great time molding animals that they then color with felt tip pens. We all wish it came in a larger container. Will make sure we always have a good supply on hand.” – Molly Hart Lebherz

“Love, love, love this thermoplastic and the bulk price for large projects. It's easy to use and does the job. Examples and tips follow.

Fixed a shelf in my fridge where a plastic support had snapped off. Did an approximation and then used a hair dryer to remelt and fine-tune the shape. It's been holding up the shelf for 7 months now (as one of 4 weight-bearing points).

For watercolor painting, made a drip-tray/ slanted brush rest for under a canning jar, and a set of brush holders attached to the lid ring. Now I can support my brushes properly, fibers down, while painting.

Sculpted a dorsal fin for my friend's pool-cleaning robot that her kids were calling Shamu. Used Instamorph color pellets to make it black and a hair dryer to remelt the base to attach it to the robot.

Currently using it to modify retail-store storage bins into a custom flotation apparatus for my lab.

Tips: roughen slick surfaces you want it to stick to. If plastic, soften them as well with a heat gun on low. To melt lots of pellets for a big job, I pour them into water in a small Pyrex casserole dish in a workshop-only toaster oven (both from thrift stores). 15 minutes later, when transparent, I stir the goo with tongs and lift it into a silicone pot holder to knead it into shape and press the water out. I pinch off lumps and return the rest to the hot water to keep it pliable. For items that must have flat or smooth surfaces, I use Polly Pellets to attach Kydex sheets, softened with a heat gun.” 
– Anthro Mom

“Amazing material. Easy to mold and very strong when it hardens.“ – Walter F.

“Probably one of the coolest things I've bought for my family in a long time!!! Highly recommend this product. Easy to use, melts fast, shapes daily, hardens in cold water and reusable just like advertised. Make anything!!! Forget hours of fun... Weeks, months of fun!!” – Tara Sutton

“We did a lot of research price wise, we selected this brand because of the price, my daughters have a lot of uses since they are into molding and paint art; this product it really works great. Very happy!!!! thank you.” – Gbelle

“These are very similar to another moldable plastic I've tried (Thermomorph) and I found them to be basically the same though the pellets are a little smaller. I was looking for something to replace a failed plastic piece on my Ninja Blender but I've since been able to make a replacement oil catcher cap, aided in a custom headphone adapter, and created a quick easy connection between a small electric motor and a shaft. While you'll see most reviews focusing on the craft uses, there is so much more to help with repairs of household items along with creating impromptu solutions to occasional problems.

The five stars are easy for this one. These pellets are so easy to work with but are still pretty strong when cooled. They become soft and clear in very short time once placed in hot water. I'd recommend pulling the resulting glob out with a spoon and giving it a few seconds to cool before touching. The plastic stays pliable for a surprising amount of time while cooling down and if you don't have enough time you can just throw it back in the same water which is usually still warm enough and things will quickly soften up again. Try to form your rough shapes first so when re-melting you only need to wait for the outer layer to get squishy.”
– Pete

Moldable Plastic Colors Product Reviews

“My daughter loves this stuff.  It is very easy to use and the colors and guide make mixing up the perfect batch simple.  She has already made several cosplay props.” – Jamie Kratz Gullickson

“The colors, including silver and gold, give you a lot of options.  My kids and I played around making some jewelry and letters.  I used it to cap off some metal tubing out in our garden so it wouldn’t corrode.  They were black metal, so I just mixed in a few pieces of black colorant.  Voila!  I used it to adjust my arch supports.  I applied them, then knocked them off, and then used 3M double face tape to adhere them.  Worked great.

I plan to use them to embed some LEDs in them” – Brian B.

“I love it so much.  I spent a few hours just playing around with it.  I love how it’s resuable and it doesn’t take a lot of pellets to make the colors.  Will be buying more and more of this!” – Shankins

“Great product.  The colors were nice.  My husband and I are Halloween and horror fans so we have many projects to make with this polly plastics.  This stuff is perfect for our creations.” – shawna