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Moldable Plastic Product Reviews

Clear Moldable PlasticProduct Reviews

 “The best part about this is that if you make a mistake, just drop it back into the hot water and you can make adjustments.” - SeaSponge

 “Very easy to work with, can be made into almost anything. I've used it to fix so many broken or incomplete items. Just add to hot water and squish to uniformly starting point. I've used it outside and inside, as long as it's not in contact with high heat. This stuff works great, I have so many projects I plan to use it for. Thanks!” gallery consignments

 “The coolest stuff in the while world!!! Easy to use.”JackJack

 “The sender included a lovely little book of how to use it and things you can make with it! The plastic beads weren't all melted together and the package was in perfect condition. 10/10 would buy from them again!”Allie

 “This is some neat stuff to play with kids. I have also used to fabricate things around the house. Great for homemade Christmas decorations too.”Steve Doriocourt

 “Exactly what I needed for crafting and making small molds!!” – Mari Floyd

 “Just like a 3d printer, but cheap!”Rod P.

 “I love this product. It works great for making automotive interior parts for cars that aren’t manufactured anymore, lighting stands, brackets, clips, etc. Thanks Polly Plastics!”Amazon Customer

 “I needed to make a repair to a temperature probe with a broken wire in the plastic section. After repairing the wire, I was left with the problem of remolding the plastic handle. and supporting the wire repair. I tried the pellets and they worked exactly as advertised. The plastic set up rigid. Very pleased with the accuracy of the instructions, the way the material can be molded and the stiffness of the resulting repair. Thank-you product that works.” Edward Gent

 “I’ve purchased almost every brand of polymorph bead on Amazon and this particular brand is the best to work with, when hot it is the softest and most pliable.  Other brands get soft but have this tough rubbery feel and hardens fast, I’m sticking with this brand from now on! I find that it’s easy to work with when making teeth and other DIY projects. If you’re looking for soft and pliable this is the kind you want, don’t waste money trying to save a dollar on another brand like I did.” - AB0803

 “We are a small business that uses this product in the making of horror art. It is a great product and I'd recommended it to anyone.” - Cody


 “They were simple to use, had good instructions and exceeded my expectations.” – Barbara

 “I was playing with it as soon as it came in! I originally bought it to make antlers for my Halloween costume but I already know I'll be making more very soon.” - Pan

 “The moldable plastic pellets work exceptionally well. They are very easy to heat up; they cool down rock hard, and can be re-heated to continue working with. The pellets are very useful for projects around the house and for art projects (figurines etc.). If you are looking for something that is useful for sculpting and house projects, and is easy to use, I highly recommend this product.” - Logan

 “SO, one of my passions is art. I wanted something that could take my art to the next level. That's what Polly Plastic did for me. I'm having such a fun time making random sculptures and phone stands, No one can stop me. Buy it, you will love it.” – Danyelle

 “I originally bought this to try and be crafty. But I have used it for so many things around the house.  Used it to level the refrigerator.  Filled a shell with it so I could use  it as a door stopper.  I am just so happy I bought it.  I just run the water through the coffee maker and pour it on the beads.  Shape and mold it. Love it!” – Kelly Polisson

 “Wonderful material to work with, easy to use and a lot of value for the price.” – Brenda Standridge

 “Great product.  Make virtually anything you have the skill to make.” – Ivan K Farnworth

 “Really easy to use, and works great! No matter how many times I've reheated the same amount, it keeps working exactly as before. I think this will serve perfectly for my cosplay projects.” – Az

 “Love, love, LOVE this! I had it for less than 24 hours and I had already made props for my Halloween costume, fixed a broken hair clip I had, and began molding a masquerade mask for a friend of mine. It literally has sooo many uses, plus the tub of polymorph is HUGE, so more than likely you will not be running out any time in the near future.  A++, best bang for the buck, most product/dollar.” – Samantha

 “Excellent for small repairs.  Many uses.” - Zak

 “Very strong and flexible. Surprisingly easy to use. Why don't more people know about this?!” – Lee Edwin Walton

 “This is wonderful, practical, FUN stuff!! I wish I knew about it years ago. I have used it for repairs and the grandchildren have a great time molding animals that they then color with felt tip pens. We all wish it came in a larger container. Will make sure we always have a good supply on hand.” – Molly Hart Lebherz

 “Probably one of the coolest things I've bought for my family in a long time!!! Highly recommend this product. Easy to use, melts fast, shapes daily, hardens in cold water and reusable just like advertised. Make anything!!! Forget hours of fun... Weeks, months of fun!!” – Tara Sutton


Moldable Plastic Colors Product Reviews

 “My daughter loves this stuff.  It is very easy to use and the colors and guide make mixing up the perfect batch simple.  She has already made several cosplay props.” – Jamie Kratz Gullickson

 “Great product.  The colors were nice.  My husband and I are Halloween and horror fans so we have many projects to make with this Polly Plastics.  This stuff is perfect for our creations.” – shawna

 “I love this stuff! It's basically colored plastic pellets that you mix with the regular stuff. Very easy, and works well. It comes with a color chart to tell you how much of each color to use, and you just pour it into the hot water with the amount you want to color, and melt it together. The only difficult part is how quickly some of the smaller pieces harden, but you just have to re-heat and be patient with it.”Frequent Reader

 “These color pellets are fantastic! it only takes 1 or just a few depending on how you are trying to color at one time. they last a long time. and the grandkids love them. they are very tiny and easy to drop, so be careful opening a bag.” - patricia

 “Super easy to use and there's an unlimited amount of things you can use these little pellets for! This kit allows you to add color to your plain pellets. They are very pigmented so a little goes a long way! Great product, great company, millions of uses, you can't go wrong!” - kd

 “Truly incredible. Nearly two cups of Polly Plastic pellets turned black with less than 10 black color pellets - i was truly surprised at how well the whole line of Polly Plastics worked. The two projects I intended to create turned into dozens very quickly. Couldn't recommend strong enough.”Atticus Stevenson


Moldable Sheets and Strips Product Reviews

 “Loved this product! I precut into flame shapes then used a heat gun to mold it. Painted with acrylic outdoor paint and sealed with a clear sealant spray for my son's Ghost rider costume. I melted the base of each flame directly to a latex mask. No glue was necessary to stick it to something else while hot. It worked beautifully and fairy lights were able to shine through.”Jackie

 “The product worked very well for us. We used it to make a splint for my grandson's broken finger. He was very pleased with it. The fact that it is reusable was very appealing.” Judimac

 “This worked great, made it into a sleeping cast for my foot that requires the dreaded "boot of shame" while I heal a twisted ankle. Slept much better without the full orthopedic boot but kept the immobilization with my homemade cast!”Amanda G

 “I love these. Enough that I've bought them twice. 3 sheets some in and you can actually do a lot of different things with the plastic. I used mine to make Star Wars Halloween costume props.” Tony Morris

 “This is honestly my go to product now. I love it. Easy to work with, reusable, and solid. I use it with a heat gun. Acrylic paints work well on it and it's easy to cut and layer. Honestly, I have been recommending this product to everyone I know.”Kylie StarEater

 “I'd seen these in pellet form but for something I can keep in my bag and have to make quick repairs on the go this is so much more convenient of a form.”Isaac T. Boyles

 “I really enjoy working with your product. The first night I put ends on my paranoid shoe laces and made about a 2-inch x1/4 inch around extension on my cell phone charger plug. This makes it much easier to hold onto while plugging in the phone.”Arglon B.

 “So far, my favorite thermal plastic.”gene miller

 “This stuff is awesome! I used it to make the claws on a costume. It was simple to mold, hardened quickly, and was easy to paint.” - onlineshopaholic

 “Wish I knew about this stuff years ago! So many applications for fixing things or creating your own ideas.”Tari Zimmaro

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