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Molding Materials FAQ

Silicone Mold Putty Questions

What durometer is the silicone mold once cured?

45 Shore A, which is about the stiffness of a pencil eraser.

Can I use it to make a dental in-print?

Our silicone mold putty is non-toxic but it is not approved for FDA-type applications like food contact or internal use.

Can I make castings of vertical objects such as crown molding?

Yes, it is stiff enough.

What materials can you fill the mold with?

All common casting materials like plaster, epoxy resin, concrete and even our moldable plastic material.

Does it resist heat?

It is made of silicone so it can resist heat to 450 degrees F.

Do you need a release agent?

A release agent should not be needed but some people will use a commercial release agent or something as simple as vegetable spray or petroleum jelly.

How much is the 1/2 lb. size?

It will approximately cover an area 1/4" by 7" by 8".

How long does it take to cure?

Generally, less than about 20-30 minutes but sometimes less.  It is somewhat dependent on your room conditions.

Are the molds reusable?

Yes, the silicone molds are reusable.  But remember once Parts A and B are combined, they can't be brought back to their original state.

Will it damage the original part that I am molding?

The silicone mold should not affect your original part.

Can I apply the putty in stages to build up the mold?

No, the entire mold must be cast at the same time.

Does it use a platinum or tin catalyst?


Can you use it for a two-part mold?

Yes, use a release agent or petroleum jelly to separate the parts.

Does this pick up fine detail?

Yes, people report success in molding fine detail.

How long does it last?

It has a shelf life of at least a year, if sealed properly.

Can I buy this in bulk?

Yes, check out our bulk putty prices here.


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