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Plastic Pellets FAQ

Can I fill a bean bag with this product?

The material is polypropylene and will not compress. However, this is not the material needed to fill bean bag chairs but is intended to fill small bean bags used in tossing games. Look for polystyrene bead fillers if you want to fill a large bean bag chair.

Can this be moldable?

No, our polypropylene pellets are for filling dolls, weighting blankets, etc.  Use our Polly Plastics Moldable Pellets for low heat molding.

Do you sell in packages larger than 5 lbs.?

Check out our bulk pricing here.

How do you use your Rock Tumbler Pellets?

Follow our instructions here.

Are these washable/dryable?

Yes, gently machine wash and dry.

Do they float?


What size are the pellets?

Approximately 1/8" (3 mm)

What color are they?

Cloudy white.

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