Plastic Pellets Product Reviews


Plastic Pellets for Crafts

“Excellent, just what I needed for my work. Good price too. I recommend it.”  – Harvest Moon

“This item was received quickly and well packaged! The resealable plastic bag is quite well made keeping a potentially messy product well stored! This product is great for the various craft projects I have in mind for it ie; washable bean bag stands for our cell phones and more. I'm very pleased with this product.”   – Anitra Marinchek

“These are just perfect for making weighted items for my slightly autistic grandson. They are smooth feeling so they don't poke him like some stuffing that I have tried. He has sensory problems & anything that isn't smooth feeling tends to aggravate him. The resealable bag is a sanity saver so that you can close the bag in between filling your object so that you're not cleaning them up. You can use these in several projects & they are washable & dryable so that you don't have to worry about the project getting dirty. The only thing with any of these pellets is the expense but then these are priced along with the others that I checked out.”  – Ronda McFalls

“Came just as promised, quick shipment, would order again. Getting ready to make a weighted blanket for my little guy and these were just what I needed.”  – 3 little lads

“I bought this to use as filler for some "draft stoppers" I was making. You know the thing you put along the bottom of your door to keep the cold air out in the winter. Well, I read about a lot of different things to use: rice, beans, Styrofoam beads, etc. Styrofoam beads were out from the get go because they are weightless and stick to everything. Just think of the pellets that come in shipping boxes. Not an option.

I wanted these to be washable so the rice and beans were out as well. I kept looking and decided to try these Plastic Poly Pellets. I'm so glad I did because they were better than I hoped. They are washable but the best part is that they have the same weight as rice or beans would so they poured right in. I just used a funnel and scooped them into my 36 inch long snake like tube in about 5 minutes. Imagine trying to do that with Styrofoam.

“It was so easy I'm going to make more than I had planned on. The 5 pound bag filled 2 draft stoppers three feet long and six inches around. These are quite big and hefty and they snuggle right up to the door and keep out the cold. I ordered another bag to make more.”
 – R. Smith

“This is exactly what I was looking for to make a weighted blanket for my son. Much better price for the amount than a lot of options I found. The pieces are a small but consistent size, and worked perfectly for me.”  – Brittany K

“Worked out great for my project! Will be back for more!!” – Kelly Montanye

“Nice clean pellets which we used to make some stuffed animals.  Came nicely packaged in a resealable bag.”  – S. Hergesheimer

“This is the perfect product for my needs.  Great price and service. Will reorder soon. “  – Mark Little

“They're exactly what I need for the weighted blanket I'm making for a friend :)”                 – Charlotte

“This product was exactly as described, perfect for the craft I had planned. It was packaged in a thick bag, so it was well protected from breakage.”  – Melinda in Pennsylvania

“I had a hard time finding these and was very happy with them and the price.”  – Central Ca.

“Good weight for stuffed animals and bean bags.”  – Vergia MccAry


Rock Tumbler Pellets

“Bought these to supplement the pellets that came with my new rock polishing machine.  These are fabulous, much less expensive than any other brand and worked perfectly. There are a LOT, but with all the polishing I do and needing a fresh batch for each phase, this amount is perfect.”  – DisneyMom

“I just finished my first week tumbling rocks with these pellets, and they worked great. This bag will last me awhile.”  – Sally

“Works great as a filler for my rock tumbler.  I'll definitely buy more in the future.”  – Mitch Connor

“Hubby is DELIGHTED with these.  Thank you.  Just what he wanted.”  – Rev Tigger

“The pellets really protect the stones while tumbling. They also make the tumbler run very quiet.”  – Carol

“The Pellets work really well and would definitely order from this company again.”  – S.

“Just what I needed.  I tried the ceramic equivalent and found that even though it works well, the pellets are small enough to get stuck in my pre-drilled pieces.  That doesn't happen with these.  Thanks.” – Scott

“Very pleased with this product and the price” – Matthew Wagner

“Great company to deal with. Polly Plastics high A +++++” – Richard Mozes

“Good products.  Helps to cushion stones being tumbled and polished.”  – Louis

“These pellets are just what is needed as a filler in my rock tumbler. They are fine enough to take up some empty space and keep the tumbling action going without damaging softer rocks.”  – Thomas Bahorski

“Excellent product at an excellent price” – Opie

“Excellent quality and a must have for rock tumbling.”  – Jeff M