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Polly Plastics Monthly Contest

We love to see how you guys are using Polly Plastics products so we're creating a monthly contest to reward your efforts.  There will be 3 winners each month:

  • Best entry using any Polly Plastics Molding Plastic or Molding Putty.  Winner receives a free 16 oz. jar of Moldable Plastic.
  • Best entry using our other pellet products like Craft Pellets and Rock Tumbling Pellets.  The entry could be the precious stones you tumbled using our Tumbler Pellets or a doll or blanket you weighted using our Polypropylene Plastic Pellets.  Winner receives a free 2 lb. package of Pellets.
  • Random drawing of all the entries.  Prize will be one of the above prizes, most closely related to your completed project.

Send your entries to ideas@pollyplastics.com

Please include photos and a short description of how you made what you made.  Videos are great too but still include a photo and comments.  Make sure you used only our Polly Plastics products - not sure what else you would use :)  Last rule is you can only win once per year.

We'll pick the 3 winners each month and post them on our website.  We'll also show off many of the entries on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

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