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Rock Tumbling Product Reviews

 Rock Polisher Tumbler Grit Reviews

 “Always use this one in our tumblers…works well!” – Becky

 “Did the job beautifully” – Neva Longacre

 “Was a great deal.  Will last awhile in 3 lb. tumbler.” – Bud Boy

 “Exactly what we wanted.  Our 7-year-old son got a rock polisher for his birthday and this tumbling media polished his rock beautifully.  Would recommend!” – Kelly

 “Product works great and has nice resealable packages” – Gina

 “The grit is easy to handle and it does a good job.  Rock tumbling requires a lot of patience and if the grit doesn’t do it job, lots of time is wasted.  This grit does its job.” – Steve G.

 “Great set with great instructions.” – rmkeppel

 “Out of all the kits I’ve used this is by far the best!  We are huge gem miners and use a rock tumbler every day!!! Extremely pleased.  Will reorder when I need more from them!” – Judy

 “All of what I need to complete my rock tumbling project.  It is good to have everything in one package and not have to hunt around for each individual medium.  Excellent product.” – Elaine Yerves

 “Love love these!! My rocks are so shiny!!” – Laura Jarrett

 “I’ve done several loads already by the instruction sheet provided and am amazed at how it all rounded rough surfaces and left with a beautiful shine.  The Ivory soap finish the kit suggests is an added gem.” – Gregory Smith

 “Worked great, stones came out bright and shiny from the tumbler.” - John Guilbert

 “These grits were used for a hobby rock tumbler. Results were much better with this product than with the Nat Geo grit provided with the tumbler”.YYY

 “Tumble rocks and always use these guys.”Paul

 “This grit is so much better than what I got with the tumbling kit I bought previously. I definitely recommend it. My rocks look awesome.”Middernacht

 “Best compounds for polishing.” - J.T. CLARK

 “I've tried other grits from other suppliers. I keep coming back to using PP's. IF anyone is unfamiliar and looking for a replacement/new grit you can be confident in these. They provide instructions with every shipment that you can follow until you feel like adjusting amounts.”Joshua S.

 “Without these, I was getting smooth, but dull/hazy rocks. With the pellets, I got perfectly shiny rocks, like the store-bought ones.”Kindle Customer

 “Second time I have ordered their products, good quality, my stones came out amazing!! I would definitely recommend them and to use the ceramic pellets with the grit for optimal outcome!! Great product!!”Amazon Customer


Rock Polisher Tumbler Plastic Poly Pellet Reviews

 “Excellent quality and a must have for rock tumbling.”  – Jeff M

 “Hubby is DELIGHTED with these.  Thank you.  Just what he wanted.”  – Rev Tigger

 “Works great as a filler for my rock tumbler.  I'll definitely buy more in the future.”  – Mitch Connor

 “I just finished my first week tumbling rocks with these pellets, and they worked great. This bag will last me awhile.”  – Sally

 “Great company to deal with. Polly Plastics high A +++++” – Richard Mozes

 “Good products.  Helps to cushion stones being tumbled and polished.”  – Louis

 “The Pellets work really well and would definitely order from this company again.”  – S.

 “Nice; good value.  Will be getting more.”  – djd

 “The pellets really protect the stones while tumbling. They also make the tumbler run very quiet.”  – Carol

 “Great product and my rocks look amazing, thanks.”  Daniel Rockway

 “These pellets work well at filling in the gaps between the rocks or glass you are tumbling.  It cuts down on noise and I do not get as many chipped rocks while using this product.” – Kerry C.

 “USA made tumbler filler, so far, like it, got a second bag!!!” – one4outdoorfun

 “Really makes a difference in the quality of the finished product” – Michael Coddington

 “Just what I needed to fill out my tumbler barrel.  I love that the beads can be skimmed out of the slurry, rinsed and reused.  This should last me quite a few cycles.” – AliKah


Rock Tumbler Ceramic Media Cylinders Reviews

 “This is my favorite type of media for my rotary rock tumbler.  It fills in nicely and is much easier to separate out and get ready for re-use than the plastic pellets.  It serves its purpose very nicely.  I keep a decent amount of the small and the large available.” – William E. Liberatore

 “Very good product.  I have used it before with excellent results.  Recommend it highly.” – Jim Ingram

 “This is what I needed for tumbling my rocks.  Thank you.” – donna_cd5

 “Fantastic kit! Great quality, polished up rocks that didn't take a shine with another brand of grit. Good value for the money, especially with the ceramic media included. Will order again.”Tracey

 “I purchased this kit after buying a 3 lbs. rotary tumbler from Harbor Freight. It arrived packaged very well, one large zippered bag with each of the 5 bags inside, and they were each heavy resealable bags. Instructions are included on how to go through each of the four steps and how much to use based on weight of rock being tumbled. I've gone through one complete 4 cycle and am pleased with the results. I'll be ordering this kit again when I need more, and I may order some extra of the ceramic filler.”Lance D.

 This worked great with our 3lb tumbler. Filling media worked great, and our stones turned out smooth and shiny! Highly recommend, great price, too!” - smarties-pants

 They are amazing! Two major positives on this product. The first is my rocks/crystals aren't getting broken, second the tumbler is quiet now!!!” – Jen Weiler

 “Before, our rock tumbler was really beating up on "softer" stones. When we added these ceramic pellets, the tumble and polish have been much gentler while still tumbling as it should. Our stones aren't coming out as tiny pebbles anymore.”BeckyWecky

 “I used these over and over again in all grits. I did one load with out them and I could tell the difference. They definitely help smooth the rocks.” B.N.H.

 “I recently began adding the ceramic media from Polly Plastics to my tumbling/polishing process. Wow - it has made a world of difference! Smoother, shinier, better quality results. What could be more simple: just add the media to the rocks and grit and let 'er tumble! So easy to separate the ceramic pellets from the stones afterward and save for the next tumble. Wish I had used these pellets from the very beginning of my rock tumbling hobby. Great seller and great price - highly recommended!” - T. M. Haliburton

 “As a newbie rock hound, I've struggled with tumbling. This ceramic media made it LOADS easier, and my new attempts have yielded some pretty awesome results. I love that it can stay with the stones throughout the process, making it more streamlined and easier to approach.”Nea

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