Color Pellets for Moldable Plastic

Color Pellets for Moldable Plastic

Easy, NO MESS way to add color to our moldable plastic

Polly Plastics Color Pellets are perfect for easily adding color to Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic.  Just drop a few pellets into hot water above 150 F along with the Moldable Plastic pellets.  Once the moldable plastic turns clear in 2-3 minutes, remove the pellets and knead them together until the color is evenly distributed.

Endless color combinations using our color chart

Colors included in this pack are Blue, Yellow, Red, Black and White.  Add combinations of color for green, orange, purple, brown, gray or any other color you want.  We’ve included a color chart to show you what pellets and number of pellets needed to get your desired colors. 

Even one pellet will give you a nice color but a few more will give you a deeper color, depending on your preference.  We also included White so you can make our moldable plastics s a brighter white or lighten any color for pastels.  There are enough pellets in this packet to easily color even our 35 oz. Size jar, any one color.

Only Buy Colorant from the USA

Polly Plastics colorants are made in the USA.  Don’t purchase cheaper colorants in plastic tubes made in China.

Stop imagining and start building!  Order your Polly Plastics Color Pellets for Moldable Plastic today.
$ 11.95