Silicone Molding Putty and Moldable Plastic Kit

Silicone Molding Putty and Moldable Plastic Kit

Make and Mold or Mold and Make
Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic and Silicone Mold Putty Kit allows you to create parts with our moldable plastics and then use our silicone mold putty to replicate the parts. Or if you need to replicate an existing plastic part, cast a mold of it and then fill it with the moldable plastic. Use it for making small parts for home repair, jewelry making and repair, model making, crafts, art projects, toys, cosplay, prototyping and other small object casting. Use it to make and duplicate custom parts, handles, grips, hooks, brackets and cases.

Fast and Easy
Both products are very easy to use. For the Putty, just knead equal amounts of A (white) and B (blue) together and create a silicone mold by forming the putty around the object you want to replicate. No liquids to mix together, no release agents required, no mold boxes or other equipment required. Our putty is non-toxic and odor free. It will handle heat up to 450 F. You have 4 minutes of working time and you are able to de-mold in 30 minutes. Self-releasing – no mold release agent required for most applications. The tough silicone allows you to reuse your molds multiple times. Long shelf life, no shrinkage. Not intended for food contact applications.

To use the moldable plastic, heat the pellets in hot water above 150 degrees F for 2-3 minutes until they turn from white to clear. Remove them from the water and press into the mold. Upon cooling, they will be strong and permanent. If you change your mind, you can reheat and modify until you get it right.

Everything You Need is in the Kit
This kit contains .25 lbs. of Part A and .25 lbs. of Part B, and 10 oz. of our moldable plastic pellets. Complete instructions are included, as well as our Moldable Plastics Idea Booklet to inspire your creativity.

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