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Awesome Translucent Qualities of Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic

Plastic Octopus Translucent Cake Topper

We get asked often if we have plastic that dries clear or transparent.  Currently, we don’t have any options that dry clear and we aren’t aware of any low melt temperature thermoplastic that do.  However, our plastic can be translucent and illuminated.  We have very talented artist and crafting clients who’ve created nightlights and intricately detailed cake toppers that shine! Our client, Eileen Bos, is a great artist and user of lights and plastic as showcased in the images of her creations below.  Check out more of her excellent work on Facebook under Enchanted Couture, by Eileen Bos https://www.facebook.com/eileenbosartistry/.


Additionally, our plastic can be colored or dyed in a variety of ways that will still be translucent.  We have color pellets and a guide to get the exact color you desire, or you can paint with acrylic paints.  The plastic will need to be pressed or rolled out thin to allow more light to show through.  A silicone mat on your rolling pin will do the trick, or you can purchase our thermoplastic sheets instead, which are already thin and flat enough to be translucent.

LED lights are great with the moldable plastic because they are bright, long lasting and cooler in temperature than other types of bulbs.  They are also sold in a variety of sizes and some, such as fairy wire lights, can be battery operated.  Or a battery-operated tea light can be built upon with the plastic to illuminate your creation.

With the lights being low temperature, they don’t get hot enough to melt the plastic, which begins to melt at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.   However, it is important to know that encasing the lights in any material will generate more heat and could cause them to burn out faster.

Besides night lights and awesome cake toppers, miniaturists could also use the plastic to make lamps or chandeliers for their displays, to name a few options.  The plastic is very versatile to create whatever one can imagine and it can also be opaque when needed.  So many options! 

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