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Reusable, Reheatable, No Waste Moldable Thermoplastic

Reusable, Reheatable, No Waste Moldable Thermoplastic

ReheatThermoplastic moldable plastic is the no waste way to sculpt or mold.  Polly Plastics moldable plastic comes in pellets, sheets and strips and they are all meltable using hot water (150) or a heat gun.  Once it has been molded and sets, the plastic is very durable and long lasting.  However, if there are any sculpting issues or a change of heart, the plastic can be melted again to make a change or completely reuse the plastic toward a new project.

The plastic hardens within a few minutes, which is a great feature, so users don’t have to wait hours for the medium to set.  But, if it hardens before a user gets the exact shape they desired, there is still hope the get it exactly right.  The plastic can be reheated with hot water, a heat gun, or even a blow dryer.  Additionally, if a user has made something that is no longer useful, it can be melted down and the plastic repurposed into a new creation in just a few minutes.  Place it in hot water and wait for it to become clear and it is ready to mold again.

If the original plastic has color, it will maintain its color, though. One of our users, Thomas Hanna, has a video using a variety of previously colored left-over pieces, which he melted down and created a video to show how repaired his screwdriver handle into a multicolored beauty.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PnrvUdy8Fw

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