Breakdown of the Quantity of Moldable Plastic Pellets to Use

May 10, 2018 Cory Sursely

On our website you may have reviewed the frequently asked questions for each of our products. Under FAQ for moldable plastic pellets, you'll find that we breakdown the cubic size for each container size of pellets. I felt that this may not be understandable because users are not likely to mold a solid cube as their creation.

Druid StaffThomas Hanna, our super molder and videographer typically tells us the quantity of pellets he uses in his tutorial videos. He also gives tips on how to save on your pellets.

In his Druid Staff creation, he used approximately 3/4 cup of pellets. He was able to use less by using paper as filler and molding the melted plastic around the filler.

PollyIn his video where he creates our mascot, Polly, he shows us he flattened the melted pellets to create his own sheet and molded it around waded paper and tin foil. It would have taken him a significantly larger quantity of pellets due to the volume of the figurine instead of using a whole 22 oz and 35 oz package he was able to stay within the 22 oz.

Breakdown of the Quantity of Moldable Plastic Pellets to UseIn the fidget spinner video, he used the Polly Plastics moldable sheets and used 1 sheet to complete his own fidget spinner.

We have a variety of sizes from trial to 35 oz. You can also order in bulk at a reduced price, if that works better for you. Remember, we love to see your creations online, so tag us or use #pollyplasticscreations.

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