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Getting to Know Polly Plastics

Getting to Know Polly Plastics

Polly Plastics has been in business for about 3 years. Owner, Brian Dais, has worked in the plastics industry for over 30 years so it was natural fit for him to start Polly Plastics. Dais says, “Craft PPolly Plasticslastics is a fun category because we're able to see the creative ways that imaginative people use our products”.

At Polly Plastics, they specialize in plastic molding materials, plastic pellets, rock tumblers and grit. Their target audience includes cosplayers, hobbyists, crafters, home improvers and do-it-yourselfers. Their major products are moldable plastics that you can easily form after you heat them in hot water, polypropylene pellets for crafting, easy to use silicone putty for part molding, supplies for rock tumbling, and now a rock tumbler. “We are proud of the products that we package here in Michigan. We only sell the best products available at affordable prices”, stated Dais.

The company started out as a small family business with just 5 products but has quickly grown to currently offering 30 products for sale. As they’ve grown, Dais has realized they can’t manage all the necessary tasks alone. He had to give up some control and added to his team to help handle those activities. In order to grow, he also realizes that they need to focus on more strategic tasks like social marketing and product development.

Polly Plastics believes they have the best products available, with the widest variety. This year’s initiative is to increase their social media presence. The company wants to grow their e-mail list and communicate with potential and existing customers. They also want to contribute more to their blog and direct customers there.

“It's been very rewarding to start a business from scratch. In the future, we hope to grow even more and continue to put our customer satisfaction first.”, expressed Dais.

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