Explain Your New Idea Visually by Prototyping with Polly Plastics

February 19, 2018 Cory Sursely

You've been planning and planning for your new business venture, created a business plan and are getting ready to take the next step. If you watch Shark Tank, like I do, you may have noticed that the entrepreneurs who haven't already produced their product use a prototype to show and explain their idea to potential investors. While drawings or engineering designs on paper can be helpful, it's easier to have a good quality, lifelike prototype to relate on a professional level when talking about your new idea.

It may be difficult to determine which material to use to best develop a replica cost effectively and economically. Moldable plastics and molds are a great way to produce a quality prototype for several reasons. First, it is very pliable to form into any shape and it can be melted and remolded until you get it exactly the way you need it to be. Secondly, Polly Plastics comes with color packets and a color chart to make most any color needed, or the plastic can be painted. Additionally, the hardened plastic can be drilled or glued to attach it to other elements. Finally, the plastic is smooth and solid to portray a professional image of your new business idea.

A couple more notes, by creating a mold from our molding materials, and using the moldable plastic with color chart you can replicate your product economically and uniformly. Also, Polly Plastics come in pellet or sheet form to make it easier for different applications.

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