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Useful Tools for Forming Your Moldable Plastic Pellets or Sheets

You will need:
Stove top, a pot or an electric skillet
glass bowl
parchment paper
heat gun or blow dryer
cold water

Optional, depending on your finished product:
sculpting tools
super glue

Getting Started with Your Polly Plastics

The plastic pellets are melted by placing them in hot water, at least 150 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is best to use either a pot on your stove top with enough water to cover the pellets, or some people prefer to use an electric skillet because it's portable and it works just as well.

Working to Mold Your Creation

When the pellets are melted, it's best to use tongs to take it out of the hot water and also to protect your hands from the hot plastic it's best to use gloves. Also the gloves are good if you have a manicure because the plastic will take the paint off your nails. The plastic doesn't stay that hot for long, however.

When the plastic is pliable it will stick to other plastics (see blog “What Does Polly Plastics Stick To?”), so you'll want to work on a glass surface or over parchment paper. This will protect your table or whatever surface you're working over.

While molding your creation, the plastic will harden as it cools. Having hot water available to put the plastic in will keep you molding, or a heat gun/blow dryer can target a specific area of your project that you need to keep pliable. This is also helpful when you need to include a lot of details in your project and are using sculpting tools

Having cold water on hand will help harden your project.

Putting Your Finishing Touch

Once solidified, there is more that can be done to finish your project. If needed, you can paint it, drill holes, cut pieces, or glue it to something else. The possibilities are endless!

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