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Moldable Plastic Sheets Advantages

Moldable Plastic Sheets Advantages

There are some cosplayers or crafters out there that have created tutorials on how to use a pasta maker to flatten plastic pellets.  This can be a labor-intensive process after heating the pellets and then waiting to run them through the machine when the pellets have partly hardened to be still pliable, but not sticky.  The biggest challenge is that the plastic will need to be remelted several times for this process to work.  If you don’t have access to a pasta maker, it is nearly impossible to get the plastic uniformly flat at the desired thickness. While many people love the moldable plastic pellets and they have many great attributes, Polly Plastics offers Plastic Sheets, which act the same as the pellets and are 1/16” thickness and 8” w x 12” h.  The sheets cut out the extra work to get the flat, uniform quality that some creators desire. The thickness is the ideal size for easy flexibility to wrap objects or mold into complex shapes.

The plastic is strong and durable when it sets but can be remelted to reuse if you choose or need to make improvements to your project in the future.  All of Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic is reusable and can be remelted if you change your mind about your project in the future. 

For best management of molding plastic sheets, a heat gun is typically the tool of choice for melting the sheets and keeping their uniform flatness.  You can easily let gravity help you shape your project by placing the melted sheet or area over a mold, or you can hand shape by melting the sheet area by area that you’d like to mold.  Melting can also be done in water like the pellets, but you won’t want to submerge the entire sheet in water if you want to maintain the flat surface or uniform thickness. 

Furthermore, the thickness of the sheets allows them to be easily cut with a sharp hobby knife, and can be drilled, sanded, varnished, dyed with alcohol dye, or superglued.  There is a handy tutorial by Polly Plastics patron, Haute Cosplay, demonstrating how to dye your plastic sheets.  You can access it here.

Sheets are suitable for crafts, art projects, house repairs, creating custom parts, or any other creation you can imagine.  Our clients have used them for creating a sleeping cast for twisted ankle, cosplay helmets, swords, night light covers, and so much more.

Polly Plastics sells Plastic Sheets in quantities of 3 sheets per package.

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