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How to Fix Plastic Pieces with Moldable Plastic

How to Fix Plastic Pieces with Moldable Plastic

For a variety of reasons, even things made of durable plastic can be rendered useless.  Your outdoor pipe cap busts when you get wild with your gardening tools, your zipper pull comes off your jacket, your phone charger wires become exposed after pulling it from the plug over time, or unfortunately you begin to experience arthritis in your hands and it’s hard to operate your screwdriver or other hand tools the same way.  There is still life left in your products, so it seems a waste to throw them away.

Polly Plastics offers a way to fix your plastic pieces that have been deemed useless with moldable plastic.  In pellet or sheet form, the moldable plastic can be melted in hot water or warmed with a heat gun for a few minutes to be pliable.  It will be in a clear, sticky, gum-like state when melted, so that it can be molded and as it dries, it will go through various stages of pliable and then hard and no longer sticky.  It can be re-heated repeatedly until it takes on the shape you need to repair your previously unusable item.  It is good to keep in mind that the plastic melts at 140 degrees, so you won’t want to apply it to anything that could reach that temperature and melt the plastic while it’s in use.

As for applications, you’re only limited by your own imagination.  Our creative patrons have used the pellets and sheets to wrap the melted plastic around a screw to replace a missing nut, when it cools off, the plastic will have the same thread and can be tightened.  Another expanded a screwdriver to fit her hand better so she could twist it with better comfort.  Another created a splint for a strained finger to help protect it while it was healing.  Amazon reviewer, PA Lady (non-solicited, verified purchase) said it best with the title of her review “All around useful and a Handi-Accessible must”.  PA Lady has replaced a broken door bracket in her refrigerator, fixed a broken oven door pull until she could order a replacement, reattached a cut piece of body trim in her car where her lift was removed, plus four or more other fixes.  She also said, “I have gone through numerous bottles of this stuff and given it as gifts to several friends or family members.  Even put some into my toiletry kit for emergencies while traveling.”

It is important to know that when Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic is melted it sticks exceptionally well to other plastics such as acrylic, vinyl, PVC, polystyrene, PET and ABS.  So much so, that you should only plan to apply it to these materials where you want it to stick.  Alternatively, if you wait for the molded plastic to dry/harden before applying, it will no longer stick to the plastic material listed above but can be super glued to the material you are fixing. 

Polly Plastics’ containers of Moldable Plastic pellets come in 7 oz., 16 oz., 22 oz., 35 oz., or 5 lbs., or plastic sheets.

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