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Moldable Plastic Sheets Advantages

October 23, 2021 Brian Dais

There are some cosplayers or crafters out there that have created tutorials on how to use a pasta maker to flatten plastic pellets.  This can be a labor-intensive process after heating the pellets and then waiting to run them through the machine when the pellets have partly hardened to be still pliable, but not sticky.  The biggest challenge is that the plastic will need to be remelted several times for this process to work.  If you don’t have access to a pasta maker, it is nearly impossible to get the plastic uniformly flat at the desired thickness. While many people...

How to Fix Plastic Pieces with Moldable Plastic

October 23, 2021 Brian Dais

For a variety of reasons, even things made of durable plastic can be rendered useless.  Your outdoor pipe cap busts when you get wild with your gardening tools, your zipper pull comes off your jacket, your phone charger wires become exposed after pulling it from the plug over time, or unfortunately you begin to experience arthritis in your hands and it’s hard to operate your screwdriver or other hand tools the same way.  There is still life left in your products, so it seems a waste to throw them away. Polly Plastics offers a way to fix your plastic pieces...

Is it Easy to Tumble and Polish Rocks Without a Tumbler?

February 16, 2021 Cory Sursely

During a trip to Northern Michigan at the end of October 2020, my friend and I stopped at the beach in Charlevoix, MI to do a quick hunt for Petoskey stones.  We didn’t have much time to look, but I found one good sized rock that kind of looked like there were dotted colors under the rough, dried out surface. I don’t have a rock tumbler, so I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to hand polish rocks, like How to Hand Polish a Petoskey Stone - YouTube by Michigan Rocks. Running the water under water still did...

Rock Polish Types and Usage

January 24, 2021 Brian Dais

Rock polish is the media used in your tumbler to grind down the rough edges and eventually polish the surface of stones.  Sometimes it refers to just the final polish but can also be more broadly used to include both finishing polish and the coarser grits used earlier in the process.

Ceramic Tumbling Media Usage

January 24, 2021 Brian Dais

Ceramic tumbling media is useful in rock tumbling to add to your barrel to provide several benefits.  You will get better results due to filling a partial empty barrel and cushioning your stones, improving tumbling action and carrying grit to hard-to-reach places.