Polly Plastics

Plastic Pellets for Rock Tumbling

January 24, 2021 Brian Dais

Plastic Pellets for rock tumbling are useful to add to your barrel and offer several benefits.  You will get better results due to filling a partial empty barrel and cushioning your stones, improving tumbling action and carrying grit to hard-to-reach places.  Finally, plastic pellets are probably the best tumbling media to reduce tumbling noise.

Rock Tumbler Media Choices

January 24, 2021 Brian Dais

Rock tumbler filler has several benefits that will improve your tumbling results.  The benefits include filling your barrel, cushioning your fragile stones, improving tumbling action and transporting grit to rock cervices.

Awesome Translucent Qualities of Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic

April 21, 2020 Cory Sursely

We get asked often if we have plastic that dries clear or transparent.  Currently, we don’t have any options that dry clear and we aren’t aware of any low melt temperature thermoplastic that do.  However, our plastic can be translucent and illuminated.  We have very talented artist and crafting clients who’ve created nightlights and intricately detailed cake toppers that shine! Our client, Eileen Bos, is a great artist and user of lights and plastic as showcased in the images of her creations below.  Check out more of her excellent work on Facebook under Enchanted Couture, by Eileen Bos https://www.facebook.com/eileenbosartistry/.   Additionally,...

Reusable, Reheatable, No Waste Moldable Thermoplastic

March 02, 2020 Cory Sursely

Thermoplastic moldable plastic is the no waste way to sculpt or mold.  Polly Plastics moldable plastic comes in pellets, sheets and strips and they are all meltable using hot water (150) or a heat gun.  Once it has been molded and sets, the plastic is very durable and long lasting.  However, if there are any sculpting issues or a change of heart, the plastic can be melted again to make a change or completely reuse the plastic toward a new project. The plastic hardens within a few minutes, which is a great feature, so users don’t have to wait hours...

Students Use Polly Plastics to Make Prototypes for STEM Program

October 05, 2019 Cory Sursely

At Olentangy Academy in Lewis Center, OH, students used Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic Sheets as part of a Project Based Learning Project with in their Stem Program. The project was to create prototypes for new product development.  Students used the sheets to make a folding skateboard that could fit in a backpack, a specialized phone case, and a straw that reaches all the liquid in a glass.  We appreciate the creativity the students have shown!