Molding Materials Product Reviews

“I make hairbows and I like to put center resin designs on the bows. So having this molding putty is allowing me to make my own designs like hearts, stars and the mold making with the putty is so simple and easy to use. Very easy to mix the 2 together.” – Laurali Graham

“Nice 2 pack of molding putty! Great for crafts or even for kids to use. Works well using your hands to manipulate it but also works with rolling pin, cutters, knives, etc.” – Kristen Dreaper

“I love this product. It is really easy to use and simple directions on how to mix the two together. I love this product I have made a mold of my dogs foot print for a Christmas oddment to hang on my tree. I also have made a mold for my friend of her kids hand prints for her to hang up in her house. I know she loves this product as much as I do. she has already bought more.” - kayla

“This fantastic kit from poly plastic allows you to make a mold, and create whatever plastic part your mind can dream up! The kit includes silicone mold putty, along with a moldable plastic. It allows you to create or replicate an existing plastic part.

“Pick up the kit, and let your creative juices start flowing! You can use it to create jewelry, toys, cosplay costumes, prototypes, and other small object casting! The only limits are your imagination!

Excellent for making small home repairs! It can be used to duplicate custom parts, grips, handles, hooks, brackets and cases! Picked up an awesome antique dresser at the flea market, but unfortunately it's missing one of its decorative drawer knobs? Simply cast one of the existing knobs, and mold and create an exact replica!

This kit and its products are very user friendly. No hazardous liquids to mix together, no release agents required. No mold boxes or braces needed. The self-releasing molding putty is non-toxic and odor free! Your part is ready to remove from the mold in just 30 short minutes! Molds are reusable, and have a long shelf life, with no shrinkage.”
– Victoria Gonzalez

“The putty, however, is awesome. You can make whatever you want with whatever medium that you want. I was thinking about molding some extra My Little Pony figures and using melted crayons to personalize My Little Pony crayons for my daughter’s birthday. She loves' MLP and she loves coloring. Perfect! You will totally love this stuff and it will provide you with hours and hours of entertainment.” – melissajackson07

“I have never used "thermoplastics" before but my wife (Who is the more creative one) has and is in love with this kit.

Creating a mold is very simple, all you do is take equal parts of the Part "A" and Part "B" substances (I recommend you use a different scoop for each substance). Than all you do is kneed the two substances together and create a nice light blue ball and once it is fully light blue with no white. Once that gets done I flatten it and start making my mold.

Once the mold is done I focus on creating the object. I pour the pellets into the mold than once it's filled I than pour it into a another container and start adding water/heat and once everything is melted I pour it into the newly created mold and turn it upside down cutting off the trim as needed.

Overall my wife LOVES this and has already used up pretty much everything creating various molds of pretty much everything!”
– Zachary Armstrong

“This is a really nice starter set for anyone interested in molding. The silicone mold part was very easy to put together. You take one part from container A and one part from container B, and mix them together well. Then you apply that mixture to your object, completely covering it. You then let that sit for 30 minutes or more to let the mold harden. When you have let the mold cure you then have a usable silicone mold. I used a small dice that I wanted to re-create for jewelry making and it has small numbers indention on them. The mold worked well and picked up the details on the dice faces.” – Melissa Hutton

“This stuff is really fun to use and has tons of possibilities! I'm a potter and wanted to make some molds of coral to use on my pots.

First, I used the putty to create the negative mold. All you do is mix equal parts of each container together. It stays workable for at least 5 minutes. I shaped it around the coral and let it sit for 30 minutes.  After it sets up, it's still a little bit pliable, kind of like a dental mold.”
– Meghan Yarnell

“This is honestly more useful than duct tape! I am an avid outdoors-man, backpacking, camping, hiking, bushcrafting and I absolutely love this stuff!! First off, it is easy to use. My children lost one of the white knights in our travel chess set, so I decided to put the mold to the test. You simply mix equal parts of the silicon mold putty and work it together until it is a solid color. You then put it around the item you want to replicate and let it sit about 30 minutes. Then it easily released. I took the plastic pellets and put them into hot water 150 - 160 degrees, i wasn't exact on the temperature. The pellets turn clear and were easy to work, think of the texture of caulk, that is about how soft they get. I filled the mold and let it cool. As you can see from the photos the result was wonderful, an exact copy of the original piece. The silicone putty makes perfect molds and is easy to use.” – Brad Ballinger

“I have tried many molding products and this is by far the BEST ever!  Easy to use, molds hold up much better than other products!  I make a lot of my own embeds for my soaps.” - Jeanie

“Good stuff.  Easy to use, works well.  Doesn’t have a super strong smell, sets up quick.” – Caitlin J.D.

“Works very well and produces faithful impressions.  I have used in on printed ABS, PLA, Balsa and lacquered pot metal trinkets and everything has come out great.  I use the molds to make wax positives and they come out of the mold no problem, provided I let the wax cool sufficiently.  It does leave a slight residue on your hands when you are mixing the compounds together, but other than that no complaints.” – J. Clune

“Love the product.  It worked exactly as described.  I am making resin button and this product made perfect molds.” – bluebunny

“Easy to use, mold set up well.  Couldn’t be more pleased with the product” – Elizabeth Gamble

“This product was perfect for repairing damage done to a picture frame molding.  Easy to use, did not require a release agent, and the mold produced a perfect copy of the original.” – K.J. McDowell

“I am not a very handy person and this was so easy for me to use.  Showed my husband and adult son and they kept coming up with ideas for it’s use, so I had to hide it till I could get some more.  We love it.  It is simple to mold my items & cures much faster than other products I tried.  I almost gave up till I found your product.  I am ordering more today. J” – Squirrel