Moldable Plastics

  • HEAT & CREATE - Melt our moldable plastic pellets with hot water (>150F) and mold to any shape you like, by using your hands or using tools.
  • STRONG & REUSABLE – Moldable plastic pellets can be re- melted again and again so you can build, reshape and add to your work as often as needed. Paint it, drill it, cut it or attach it to something else.
  • MAKE, MEND & MODIFY – Use our low melt thermoplastic beads for all types of crafts, art projects, toys, cosplay costumes/masks, home repair, model making, prototyping and more. No need for extruders, molds or epoxy systems.
  • WIDEST VARIETY OF MOLDABLE PLASTIC – We sell moldable plastic beads in many sizes, moldable sheets and strips, and all the moldable colors you’ll need.
  • EASY TO COLOR – Can be painted or color completely with our Moldable Plastic Colors.
  • EASY TO USE BEGINNER FRIENDLY – Instructions Included.  Free shipping and 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.