Polly Plastics

Explain Your New Idea Visually by Prototyping with Polly Plastics

February 19, 2018 Cory Sursely

It may be difficult to determine which material to use to best develop a replica cost effectively and economically. Moldable plastics and molds are a great way to produce a quality prototype for several reasons...

What Does Moldable Plastic Stick To?

January 28, 2018 Cory Sursely

id="x_ox-7b9e6e39c4-divtagdefaultwrapper" dir="ltr"> It's important to know what our moldable plastic sticks to, not only so that you can make new creations, replacement parts, or improvements to your existing materials, but also so you won't accidentally attach it to something while you're molding it. It will be quite sticky when you first start to use it, but will become less so as it cools. When Molding: First and foremost, our moldable plastic will not stick to parchment paper, cellophane wrapping or glass. It sticks to many types of plastics and metals, so be careful when choosing the bowl and stirring utensil...

5 Practical Uses for Polly Plastics in the Kitchen

January 15, 2018 Cory Sursely

Thomas Hanna, plastic molding extraordinaire, has created five practical uses for Polly Plastics in the kitchen.  In his video, he shows how he molds the plastic to be used in kitchen hacks. 1. Upside Down Bottle Nest - take the top of a popular product you use and mold a stable base onto it, so it can rest sturdily upside down in your fridge.  You'll get every last drop of barbecue sauce or ketchup.  Save the top for future use of that brand.  2. Entertain Your Kids while Cooking - If you have kids to entertain while you're in the kitchen, add a...

Kids and Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic

January 11, 2018 Brian Dais

Crafty kids can make their own toys, wands, and whatever their heart desires with Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic.  Their products can be used to create many things for 4-H, Boy Scout, art class projects, and beyond.

Welcome to Polly Plastics

March 26, 2016 Brian Dais

Please browse our site to see the wide variety of plastics we provide for crafting, hobbies, cosplay, prototyping and repair.  We only sell quality plastic that is packaged securely at our facility in Michigan. Here’s a summary of what we sell:   MOLDABLE PLASTIC – This material is technically a polyester plastic called polycaprolactone.  You don’t need that detail to love what this can do.  It melts in hot water at low temperatures above 150 degrees F.  You can get water above 150 F. on your stovetop or in the microwave.  Once the pellets turn clear in a couple of minutes,...